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What are people saying about School Heroes Unite?

Stephanie Lesniewski

Stephanie Lesniewski, Grade 1 – 2 Teacher

James Noonan

James Noonan, Principal


Michelle, Grade 6 Student

Teri Hawkins

Teri Hawkins - Oregon Teacher of the Year

Lisa Kozak

Scott Dietrich recently delivered a School Heroes presentation at my son’s school. My son was profoundly affected by Scott’s message of strength and heroism, particularly in the face of bullying. After Scott’s presentation, my son felt empowered instead of a victim. His whole perspective had been transformed. The fact that Scott reached not only my son but all of his friends, too, is a testament to the power of Scott’s work. The kids were bursting with new ideas and new ways of thinking about the imbalance of power dynamics that can occur amongst people. I cannot thank Scott enough for helping my son in the vital way that he has.

Lisa Kozak - Parent, Grove Community School

Michel Bergeron

Our school was fortunate to have Scott come and present during Bullying Awareness Week.  From the minute he began his presentation, he had the students hooked... not only because he used magic as his hook but because he was genuine.  He shared personal stories about his experiences with bullying and was able to frame those with a sense of optimism.  He was able to convey the message that we convey as a system: that it is safe to report bullying to an adult you trust and that something will be done about it.

With the students, he developed an action plan for dealing with bullying and gave the students some good, practical advice on how to deal with bullying.

Michel Bergeron - Principal, Christ the King Catholic Elementary School

Susie Stamatopoulos

We had the great fortune of having Scott Dietrich come in and do his School Heroes Unite presentation. He taught our students about heroism, and helped them understand that they can really make their own path by becoming an up stander. It really sparked the kids interest and left a fabulous message with them. Scott’s presentation was really animated and exciting, with his enthusiasm and fabulous magic tricks. He had our students captivated. I would highly recommend you have School Heroes Unite to your school, because it addresses a very prevalent issue in our schools, in a very positive and empowering way.

Susie Stamatopoulos - Vice Principal, Regal Road Public School

Patricia Daigneault

We had the privilege of welcoming Scott Dietrich of School Heroes Unite to Leo Baeck Day School this morning. Scott had an audience of about 150 students, faculty and administration members engaged right from the very beginning of his presentation. Through music, story telling and video, Scott was able to reach our students from Grade 6 to Grade 8, and with his help and expertise, we created a plan of action for our school.  Students were eager to share their ideas with Scott. Our school is now prepared to go to work, committing daily acts of kindness, laid out in our student created plan of action. Thank you so much Scott for coming to our school and for giving us the tools to be a beautiful, caring and supportive school.

Patricia Daigneault, French Teacher, Leo Baeck Day School

Bethia Murray

We just had Scott’s School Heroes Unite program, and I just wanted to say thank you so much Scott. We have a Grade 8 boy who’s had some difficulty with bullying, and really feeling like he doesn’t fit in, and your message really came through to him. And after the program when we got to have a little chat with you one on one, and that meant so much to him. I could see his eyes light up, just knowing that he’s going to get through it, it gets better, and that he can become somebody great, like you. So thank you for taking that extra time with our little friend, I’m sure it made a huge impact on him and will moving forward in his life.

Bethia Murray - Student Success Teacher, Sir Ernest MacMillan Public School

Maria Aloisi

During Bullying Awareness Week, St. Fidelis School had the privilege of having Scott Dietrich visit our school with his very important message about bullying. His interactive presentation reminded us that a hero lies within each and every one of us. Each person has the power to make a difference. Students learned and enjoyed themselves immensely.

Maria Aloisi - Vice-Principal, St. Fidelis School

Barbara Heeneman

Scott's presentation had a great impact on our school climate.  Staff and students alike were engaged in his fun presentation.  The action plan was practical and a great next step for our school!

Barbara Heeneman - Principal, St. Peter the Apostle Catholic School

Cynthia Snowden

We enjoyed Scott’s program today, and I wanted to thank him for really getting are Grades 6, 7 & 8 students engaged. I have never seen them behave so well in a presentation before, and I believe that is because Scott had them engaged in the conversation, and thinking about the course of action they are going to take. The thing I liked the most about the presentation is the fact that Scott has the students themselves creating the Action Plan of ways they can be heroes. We are definitely going to be taking this and using it in our classrooms.

Cynthia Snowden - Vice-Principal, Sir Ernest MacMillan Public School

Anna Arciero - Principal, St. Paul Catholic School

The material, approach, and magic touches used in your presentation fostered a sense of inclusiveness, emphasized that strength comes through teamwork, and provided some concrete tools and strategies for our students to use in their daily interactions with each other.  As a school community, we also appreciated that your presentation focused on solutions rather than the problem.  It was wonderful to see you call the students to action and help them devise a 10 point action plan.  Overall, it was a great presentation that challenged each of our students to step up and become the hero he/she was destined to be. Thank you once again for presenting School Heroes Unite, at St. Paul Catholic School.

Anna Arciero - Principal, St. Paul Catholic School

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